L   Y   N   N'   S         L   I   N   E   A   G   E   '   S       &       L   I   N   K   '   S

MANY ANCESTOR'S HAVE DIED FIGHTING FOR & DEFENDING OUR FREEDOMS. AMERICA HAS BEEN INHABITED BY GOOD PEOPLE THE WORLD OVER WHO HAVE SOUGHT THEIR FREEDOMS TO PURSUE LIFE DREAMS & SPIRITUAL BELIEFS. LET US NOT FORSAKE THEIR SACRIFICE BY ALLOWING THOSE WHO WISH TO DO US HARM, TO GAIN ENTRY TO OUR COUNTRY. WE OWE OUR ANCESTORS DEBTS OF GRATITUDE. PLEASE DON'T LET THEM HAVE DIED IN VAIN. Lineages Include: BEATTIE - *COLLINS - DENNY HAAS - *HARRIS - *ISHMAEL - *MURRAY - *STURM/STORM (*Additional descendant generations pages linked below} ***OUR BEATTIE LINE*** DAVID BEATTY/BEATTIE (1810/PA)~ Married ELIZABETH CAMPBELL(1800/PA) MATTHEW C. BEATTIE (1832/Fayette Co.,PA) ~ married ELMIRA ADELIA HAAS (1838/Harrisburg,PA) on Nov.3,1859 in Warren Co.,ILL. Their children, not in order of birth: CHARLEY; JIM; TAYLOR; ELLIS LEUELLEN(1862-1945) GEORGE SAMUEL BEATTIE (Feb.21,1861/Monmouth,Warren Co.,ILL) who married VIRDA INA STORM (March 18, 1878/IN). They married July 12,1896/Edna,KS. GEORGE SAMUEL & VIRDA'S children were: OTTO JOSEPH(1897-1905); CHARLES Wm.(1900-1953) ~ married Verdia Linzy; BURTA WAYNE(1902-1955) ~ married Lena Cramer; ALPHA NAOMI(1904-1962) ~ married EARL COLLINS(1901-1995); LYLE STORM (1909-1961) ~ married Vesta Lenora Harris; ANGELINE ADELIA(1911-1981) ~ married Bob Carlin; and GEORGIA MERCEDES (1916-1917). ALPHA NAOMI VIRDA INA BEATTIE COLLINS STORM BEATTIE 1904 - 1962 1878 - 1932 ***OUR COLLINS LINE*** CLICK HERE FOR WILLIAM COLLINS' DESCENDANT'S WILLIAM COLLINS (1815) ~ wife ELIZABETH; then LOUIS/LEWIS COLLINS (1835/ILL) ~ wife MARY BEATTY (1817/IN); then WILLIAM DAVID COLLINS (Feb.1855/ILL) ~ wife ANNIE ELIZABETH ISHMAEL; then EARL COLLINS (Dec.1901/Miami Co.,OK) ~ wife ALPHA NAOMI BEATTIE (Feb.1904/KS) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WILLIAM DAVID COLLINS ~ wife, ANNIE ELIZABETH "BESSIE" ISHMAEL COLLINS Children: ROY WILLIAM, ORA LEE, MADIE, FLOSSIE & DOVIE ***OUR DIRECT DENNY LINE*** WILLIAM DENNY(17th Century/Ireland)~wife ?; then DAVID DENNY(Abt.1710/Scotland)~wife MARGARET DENNY (daughter of WALTER DENNY~wife Margery); then ROBERT DENNY(May 1753/PA)~wife Rachel Thomas; then WILLIAM ROBERT DENNY(Oct.1790/KY)~wife Mary Polly Steers; then PARTHENA DENNY (Sept.1822/IN)~husband ISAAC STORM, JR. ***OUR DIRECT HAAS LINE*** ISAAC HAAS and wife, MARGARETH, then; ISAAC HAAS,JR.(7-31-1808/Lehigh Co.,PA) ~ married SUSANNA ?, then; ELMIRA ADELIA HAAS(1837/Harrisburg,PA) ~ married MATTHEW C.BEATTIE on November 3, 1859 in Warren County,IL, then; GEORGE SAMUEL BEATTIE (2-21-1861/Monmouth,IL) ~ married VIRDA INA STORM on July 12, 1896 in Edna, KS. ***OUR DIRECT HARRIS LINE*** CLICK HERE FOR 9 GENERATIONS OF EVAN HARRIS' DESCENDANT'S EVAN HARRIS (born abt. 1755-NC) married RACHEL STEWART (born-SC); Among their 11 children was OUR ISRAEL HARRIS (below); ISRAEL HARRIS (born abt. 1780-TN/died before 1849) ~ married CHARITY/CHARRITY ? (born abt.1780/died 1849); then their son, ISAAC HARRIS (born 1812-TN/died after 1859-IN) married ~ (1)Jane McGinnis; (2)LOUISA MORLAND (born 1812-died about 1851);(3)Clerisa Ellen Trail; then - ISAAC & LOUISA’s daughter, SARA ANGELINE HARRIS (born 1848-IN/died 1933-KS) ~ married WILLIAM HARVEY STORM (born 1841-IN/died 1889-KS); then their daughter, VIRDA INA STORM (born 1878-IN/died 1932-TX; buried with spouse in Lenapah, OK) ~ married GEORGE SAMUEL BEATTIE (born 1861-ILL/died 1924-OK); then their daughter, ALPHA NAOMI BEATTIE(born 1904-KS/1962-NM) ~ married EARL COLLINS(born 1901-OK/1995-NM) Note: ALWAYS a mystery; ours is the name SKELTON connected to ISAAC HARRIS. Speculations:(a)4th wife; (b)Mother-in-law's name; (c)widow's maiden or married name; (d) an error on a death certificate; (e)???. ***OUR ISHMAEL DIRECT LINE & ISHMAEL SURNAME*** CLICK HERE FOR 10 GENERATIONS OF BENJAMIN ISHMAEL'S DESCENDANT'S THANKS to JEANNIE DALRYMPLE & JANE COWAN for contributed ISHMAEL data. BENJAMIN ISHMAEL(Abt.1736/Franklin Co.,PA)~wife ?; then JAMES B.ISHMAEL (1779/PA)~wife Mary McFerrin (daughter of Wm MCFERRIN);then SAMUEL M.ISHMAEL(Feb1811/KY)~wife Eliz.Lynn(daughter of Wm LYNN~wife ELIZ.LAIRD);then WILLIAM T.ISHMAEL (1834/Nicholas Co.KY)~wife Mahala Jane Mallard; then ANNIE ELIZABETH (Dec.1,1865/ILL)~husband WILLIAM DAVID COLLINS; then EARL COLLINS (Dec.1901/OK)~wife ALPHA NAOMI BEATTIE (Feb.1904/KS). ***OUR DIRECT MURRAY LINE*** CLICK HERE FOR 7 GENERATIONS OF OUR JOHN MURRAY'S DESCENDANT'S JOHN MURRAY (Scotland) ~ wife, Elizabeth McClauthan; then SAMUEL MURRAY,SR. ~ wife, Unknown; then SAMUEL MURRAY,JR.(1779/Newberry,SC) ~ wife, Mary Haddon; then ROBERT WILSON MURRAY, (July 1819) ~ wife, Mary Adams; then SAMUEL AUSTIN MURRAY (1855/NC) ~ wife, Misouri Loftin; then LUTHER LEON MURRAY (1891/TEXAS) ~ 1st wife, Bertie Carmichael; then LEON LAFAYETTE MURRAY (1913/TEXAS) ~ wife, Bonnie Ruth Driver ***OUR DIRECT STORM LINE*** CLICK HERE FOR 13 GENERATIONS OF SEBASTIAN STURM/STORM'S DESCENDANT'S SEBASTIAN STORM (1610/Germany)~wife, Closs; then JOHANN PETER(1641/Schifferstadt,Germany)~wife Anna Barbara; then CHRISTIAN(1662/Schifferstadt,Germany)~wife Anna Barbara Gah; then JOHANN JACOB(Feb.1700/Schifferstadt,Germany)~wife Anna B. Saur; then JOHN PETER (Nov.1740/York Co.,PA)~wife Elizabeth; then ISAAC,SR.(1785/VA)~wife Susanna Lunsford; then ISAAC,JR.(Dec.1817/Putnam Co.,IN)~wife Parthena Denny; then WILLIAM HARVEY(June 1841/Putnam Co.,IN)~wife Sara Angeline Harris; then VIRDA INA(March 1878/IN)~husband GEORGE SAMUEL BEATTIE; then ALPHA NAOMI BEATTIE (Feb.1904/Edna,KS)~husband EARL COLLINS(Dec.1901/OK). Johann Jacob Storm ~ Anna Saur Storm to America - 1728/Ship Mortonhouse. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SARAH ANGELINE HARRIS STORM WILLIAM HARVEY STORM {in back: Mrs. WmH.Storm} Photo Post Civil War


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